We all belong to the world, in the world that is changing. We are changing with our world. Nature is changing. We should pause and ask ourselves: where are we? Where do we stand? Where we are going and what are we doing about it? And, our call with an answer is: be her be now, present, together for the Future to follow. We need to be here and act right now, present to follow, adapt, and utilize the change, for the sake of the planet we found and live in.

The process has started, years ago, it is a difficult struggle and a long one.
Everyone is invited. Sellers and buyers, matter of fact them both are invited to swop places, sellers become buyers and vice versa. Producers and consumers, and vice versa. Factories and retailers.

Everyone is invited: people, ordinary and professionals, of every kind of businesses and interests, every kind of experience and knowledge. Among them, to mention a few: influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, marketers.

And particularly, everyone from the “already” green world is invited: Green Volunteers, Green Followers, Green Teen, Traditional Green, Green Endeavors, Green Laggards and less impact minority, we need all of you.

We exclude not one person, we are together in this and we all live in the world we want to relate to and help to.

Sooner a new behavior is initiating, not all out of people’s commitment, but out of a necessity. So we need to start to behave as true green leaders by empowering the values of Mother Nature, and assist society to learn more about our environmental needs. We should be part of a common circle – working together to contribute and optimize the empathy towards sustainability and build community partnership trust with a mission to create a better world.

Our purpose is a reflection of wellbeing and healthy living. A deeper understanding of our values that nature has given us. A teamwork is the way to use and choose usefulness of our effort and shape a model of the tree with supporting branches – leaves and bloom as one. We need individuals who share the same vision and think about how we will build a structure of good manners by default and the powerfulness to influence for better future w/ zero waste

We call and we wait for your response. Why not be part of the very beginning. The very initiation of the call. The very revival of people’s relation to the nature’s ecosystem. For that reason, apply to be on the goodwill list and be part of the change.